Post-Construction Services:

Oct 20, 2023


Savoy 48 is a 48-unit mixed use development planned for the corner of 6th and Harris Street, just five
blocks from the state capitol complex in Harrisburg. Situated on a 1-acre site, Savoy 48, an approximate
46,000 square foot building, has been designed with an eye toward sustainability and functionality. The
project will be completed in one phase, and its four stories will feature a rooftop deck for outdoor
entertainment, and over 6,500 square feet of commercial space for lease.

Common areas within the building will include on-site management offices, maintenance areas and state-
of-the-art fitness center. Savoy 48 will provide nine affordable units, and four handicap accessible units

to accommodate niche communities, including the hearing and vision impaired. Savoy 48 will maintain a
mixture of residential and non-residential uses for a period of at least ten (10) years. Residential units will
remain affordable to households at or below 80% of area median income for a period of at least fifteen
(15) years.

Our Process:

Step 1: Project Handover

1.1. The post-construction phase begins with the handover of the completed project from the construction phase to the post-construction team.

1.2. This handover includes all project documentation, warranties, as-built drawings, and any outstanding issues or pending items.

Step 2: Warranty Management

2.1. The post-construction team reviews and organizes all warranty documentation provided by subcontractors, suppliers, and equipment manufacturers.

2.2. Warranty information is maintained, and the team tracks warranty periods to ensure timely resolution of any issues covered under warranty.

Step 3: Maintenance Planning

3.1. A customized maintenance plan is developed for the project based on its specific features and requirements.

3.2. This plan outlines regular maintenance tasks, schedules, and responsibilities, ensuring the ongoing functionality and preservation of the project.

Step 4: Maintenance Execution

4.1. Routine maintenance tasks are carried out according to the established maintenance plan. This includes inspections, cleaning, repairs, and any other necessary upkeep activities.

4.2. The goal is to address minor issues before they become major problems and to extend the life of project components.

Step 5: Post-Construction Inspections

5.1. Periodic post-construction inspections are conducted to assess the condition of the project. These inspections include structural, safety, and aesthetic assessments.

5.2. Findings are documented, and any required repairs or improvements are scheduled.

Step 6: Issue Resolution

6.1. Any issues or concerns that arise during the post-construction phase are addressed promptly. This may include coordinating with subcontractors to resolve warranty-related matters or handling post-construction client requests.

Step 7: Client Communication and Reporting

7.1. Regular communication with the client is maintained throughout the post-construction phase. Progress updates, inspection reports, and maintenance schedules are shared to keep the client informed.

Step 8: Record Keeping

8.1. Detailed records of all post-construction activities, including maintenance, inspections, and issue resolutions, are maintained for future reference.

8.2. These records are provided to the client for their records and potential future needs.

Step 9: Ongoing Support and Client Satisfaction

9.1. The post-construction team provides ongoing support and is readily available to address any post-construction issues or concerns that may arise.

9.2. Client satisfaction is a priority, and the team works diligently to ensure that the project continues to meet or exceed client expectations.

Step 10: Project Closure and Documentation

10.1. Upon successful completion of the post-construction phase, the project is formally closed.

10.2. Final documentation, including a summary of post-construction activities and maintenance recommendations, is provided to the client.

Crazy Work Construction's commitment to post-construction services ensures that your project maintains its quality and functionality well beyond its completion. Our comprehensive post-construction approach is designed to extend the life and value of your investment, providing ongoing support and peace of mind to our clients.