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At Crazy Work Construction, we believe in the power of transformation through construction. We are more than just a construction company; we are a dedicated force for positive change in communities. Our mission is to restore, rebuild, and revitalize neighborhoods while simultaneously promoting the redistribution of wealth through job creation. With a focus on construction management services, we make it our business to turn visions into reality.

Our company’s history

Crazy Work Construction, co-owned by Thomas "Trey" Williams and in partnership with LeSean McCoy, has a rich history rooted in a mission to restore communities, promote wealth redistribution through job creation, and make a positive impact through construction management services. Founded with a commitment to community transformation, the company prioritizes local hiring and skill development. It has earned a reputation for efficient construction management and has a track record of revitalizing neighborhoods.

Let's give them Crazy Work!

Trey Williams vision and dedication continue to shape the company's path, making it a beacon of hope and change for communities.

Building the Future

The company embarked on projects that ranged from renovating abandoned buildings to constructing affordable housing, schools, and community centers.

  • Community restoration was a top priority for Crazy Work Construction from its inception.
  • Projects included renovating abandoned buildings, constructing affordable housing, schools, and community centers.
  • Thomas's strong belief was that every neighborhood, regardless of challenges, deserved an opportunity to thrive.

The company has expanded its reach, taking on diverse projects and collaborating with partners, like LeSean McCoy who share their vision for community restoration and positive change. Thomas's leadership and commitment to a brighter future through construction and job creation continue to shape the company's path.

As Crazy Work Construction looks toward the future, it remains a shining example of how a vision, dedication, and hard work can create a lasting legacy of positive impact in communities and promote wealth redistribution through job creation.

Current Projects

Savoy 48

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